The Association of Librarians & Archivists at Baptist Institutions (ALABI) is a professional association for librarians and archivists who work with Baptist materials. ALABI provides a framework for its members to share their interests and pursue their common goals.

The Association seeks to fulfill its purpose through pursuit of the following objectives:

  • To foster opportunities for fellowship and networking among members and to provide a forum in which mutual issues, concerns, and problems may be addressed.
  • To encourage/support collaborative efforts among libraries, individuals, and institutions with a common commitment to Baptist life and history and to serving the information needs of their constituents.
  • To assist members in identifying, preserving and providing access to Baptist materials, including the provision of workshops and training opportunities.
  • To bring positive attention to collections of Baptist material.

ALABI holds an annual meeting, usually in conjunction with the meeting of the Baptist History and Heritage Society. Please consult our Bylaws, Membership, and About Us pages to learn more about the structure, membership requirements, and history of ALABI.